Ethics & Sustainability


At Avila our beliefs lay heavily in creating a brand that is ethically and sustainably responsible. We are constantly looking into ways to lessen our impact on the environment. We try to reuse all fabrics scraps, those of which we cannot find a purpose for we donate to local art groups.


Designing classic, timeless designs at a high quality ensures garments last and can be worn season after season. Avila uses the highest quality natural fabrics. We are continuously researching into more sustainable, lower impact fabrics that are durable, feel great and are sustainable.


Avila's clothing is ethically made in Melbourne supporting local artisans, with fair working environments and fair pay.


Avila’s Non-slip pilates/yoga socks are the only item that is not produced in Australia. These socks are made in China using an ethical supplier, in which we work closely with, to ensure the values of Avila are met.



Fabrics we use can vary from season to season. The fabrics below are some of our most frequently used fabrics. 

Modal, Tencel, Organic cotton, Silk, Linen, Merino Wool, Alpaca wool